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Making Dreams Come True


It all began when we moved back to our hometown of Spooner, WI in 2010. Grandpa Burch wanted to teach our kids, Jerad, Jace and Emma, that hard work would pay off! He encouraged them to sell pumpkins. He grew them that year as we had just moved into our little farmhouse across the road from where The Burch Barn is located.

Grandpa Burch, Dan and the boys built the pumpkin wagon to display the pumpkins, gourds, and squash he grew. The kids had to help harvest the pumpkins and sort them into their sizes to sell. They restocked the wagon everyday as needed. They especially loved helping customers load their pumpkins, because most of the time when they did this they would receive a nice size tip! The kids were home schooled that year and I remember them being very distracted during the fall watching the wagon for any possible customers!

Each year it seemed to grow bigger and better. They had pallets of pumpkins around the pumpkin wagon. Then they sold corn bundles and straw bales.  They searched the catalogs for more interesting kinds of gourds and pumpkins to sell, bringing something fresh and new.

We all began to dream of a family business of a possible pumpkin patch someday. We had been through a rough season in life when every little sweet family moment was savored. So we loved the idea of a business where we could all work and be together!

When we sold the farmhouse with plans to build across the road we made a new place for the wagon. Grandma Burch asked Emma if she wanted to offer a bake sale during the wagon sales the fall of 2013. Emma loves to bake so this was a definite go for her! The second year she had the bake sale we offered a free hay ride and bouncy house the same day. So many people came out to support her even though the weather was miserable that day! We knew that we lived in a great community but that was a sure testimony to it!!

We are now in our 3rd year for the bake sale and this is year 6 for the pumpkin wagon. The property we've been blessed with has a vintage barn, rustic sheds & towering pine trees. It is the perfect place to host so much more. Thus, the pumpkin farm at The Burch Barn was born.

The Burch Barn is currently a pumpkin patch serving up fall family fun!


The Burch Barn

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